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Andrew Visser is an Independent Financial Adviser based in Blackburn servicing clients across the North West of the United Kingdom.

Your IFA will research all of your options and provide you the most appropriate financial solution. An IFA will only suggest options for you and there is no obligation to invest in any products. Furthermore, an IFA will always suggest the best option for you and your situation, even if that means the client investing nothing at all.

Your IFA should arrange a meeting with you to assess your current circumstances. These meetings usually assess what you want to achieve in the future and your attitude to risk. Once completed, you will be provided with a detailed plan filled with written recommendations based on your circumstances. Should you decide to follow this or a similar plan of action, your IFA can then complete any transactions for you.

Once you have made your investments, your IFA will keep in touch with updates on your investments and any potential recom­men­dations. You will also have full access to any information provided for by your IFA to keep you in the loop at all times.

So whether you want to invest a few hundred pounds or a million, Andrew Visser IFA can help you secure a more prosperous future.